Water Jet & Laser Cutting

Water jet cutting technology is capable of cutting most ferrous and nonferrous materials up to 2" thick, such as aluminum, steel, and glass. We can import DXF files directly into the cutting system to cut parts, panels, gears, inlays, and other products. Our CO₂ laser can accurately cut materials that can be cut by heat, such as plastics and acrylic (up to 3/8” thick) and even some wood. More than 16 years of cutting experience has given us unsurpassed expertise with this technology.

Laser Etching & Sandblasting

We can etch many different materials by first using our CO₂ laser to etch a mask onto the substrate and then blast it with a pressurized stream of aluminum oxide. Etching with aluminum oxide, a sand-like powder, produces light depth penetration into the substrate and allows for paint filling for easy readability. Our capabilities include etching up to 4 x 8 feet. This capability is most commonly used for stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and stone products.

Laser Engraving

Our YAG laser engraving technology will intricately and permanently mark products by using an intense beam of light and etching into the surface. This versatile marking process coupled with over 18 years of laser experience allows powder coated and anodized surfaces to be clearly marked with text and images.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a type of printing from a digital image directly to a wide array of media. This type of printing allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround time. The savings you will find in labor and the continual evolving capability of our digital printing means that your choice in digital printing will match or even supersede your expectations in printing technology. The adoption of digital printing will allow you to print large and small sizes of customized sheets at a low price.

Direct-to-Substrate Printing

Printing directly onto any flat surface is done with our Direct Jet UV printer. Using a special ink along with curing from high-intensity UV LED, we can add full-color text and images to just about any material! From plastic to glass, metal to wood, and virtually anything in between, our printer can easily add vibrant color to your products. Also, by using Texture 3D technology, we can create textured surfaces. This allows us to make your images more lifelike. We also use this application to create ADA compliant braille signage.

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